Equestrian Gift Guide

Struggling to find a gift for a fellow equestrian? 

Christmas is soon approaching, and with so many equestrian products available, it’s hard to narrow the list down.

We’ve created an Equestrian Gift Guide to help you find the perfect Christmas presents for your friends and family members (it might even come in handy for yourself).

Equestrian Gift Guide - Boot & Stirrup

Let’s talk about stocking fillers - we all love receiving them.

It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, just a simple gift with a lot of meaning. How about a horse keyring which resembles the receiver's own horse? 

Now that’s bound to excite a horse lover!

Next up, we have our Ellany belts! 

Our collection of Ellany Belts feature a stirrup or snaffle bit metal clasp, and come in an array of striking designs, making them the perfect addition to an equestrian’s wardrobe.

Clydesdale Quarter Zips

You cannot go wrong with our unisex Clydesdale Quarter Zips! Not only are they great for layering, but they’re a collectors piece. 

Warning - once you’ve got your hands on one colour, you’ll feel the need to own the trio!

On the hunt for discounted items?

We’ve set up a Sale page, so you can find all the discounted items in one place! Save some money on Freddie Parker shirts, equestrian scarves, and other equestrian items! 


We hope our Equestrian Gift Guide has helped you come to a decision on what to buy for Christmas. Don’t forget to have a little look through our site to see if anything else tickles your fancy!

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